Are today's deranged Democrat leaders capable of putting people in concentration camps?

FDR was... They're worse than FDR.

Yes, I understand that’s a loaded question, that some will dismiss it outright, but I also understand power’s ability to corrupt, which history - when it isn’t revised - makes clear. When one reads “concentration camp” one conjures Nazis, I know, but my point in going there, to Adolphland, is to remind readers that pre-Hitler Germany wasn’t fixated on “undesirables.” Rounding up “vermin,” confining “it” to ghettoes, and, in the fog of war, packing “it” onto trains, was in Germany, as it is today in America, UNTHINKABLE.

But it happened. 

And that’s my point. Humans forget the nature of humans, and what’s taking place in America, this evil scourge, should quell any claim that history can’t repeat. Fallen men, be it the year 1941 or 2021, remain fallen, and fallen people, if given the chance, do fallen things. 

Now, I’m not saying that Democrats are Nazis (for that to be true, they must back up their rhetoric) or that they WILL detain Americans (the headline reads “capable”— Are they capable of Naziism?) but I watch, hear their words, the demagoguery, and don’t know. Question: does this from The Holocaust Encyclopedia sound familiar?

In the first months of Hitler's chancellorship, the Nazis instituted a policy of “coordination”—the alignment of individuals and institutions with Nazi goals. Within six months, the Nazis either banned or forced into “voluntary” dissolution all other political parties, including their coalition partner, the German Nationalists.

Culture, the economy, education, and law all came under Nazi control. The Nazi regime also attempted to “coordinate” the German churches and, although not entirely successful, won support from a majority of Catholic and Protestant clergymen. The Nazis were also successful in garnering support from among Germany's educated and professional elites, including the legallaw enforcementeducation, and medical professions. The Nazis also mobilized support from among the civil service elite by making good on promises to tear up the Versailles Treaty, restore Germany to the ranks of the Great Powers, bring the nation out of the depression, take back the streets from criminals and “subversives,” crush the Communist threat, and open opportunities for young professionals.

With great success, Nazi officials used extensive propaganda, carefully crafted to appeal when necessary to more general national, economic, and social goals. They aimed to appeal to National Socialists and non-Nazi Germans, and also to undercut anti-Nazi sentiment. 

This should scare you. Please read it again but in place of “Nazi” and “Nazis” sub Democrat and Democrats… Repeat: This should SCARE you… It’s chilling, the parallels. In Germany, over time, Jews were “othered,” made completely sub-human, and that’s how Dems and the media treat Republicans, the President’s 75 million voters, and the President himself. 

Don’t believe me? Go on-line—Trump is a “monster,” an “imminent threat,” a “psychotic terrorist”… And so are “his people,” anyone in a MAGA hat, anyone who supports or defends him. 

This is “othering,” it’s what happened in Germany, and because despots seed hatred, it’s happening here.  Dems got their pretext, their Reichstag moment, with the Capitol breach, and like the Germans, who manipulated the event, they’re silencing opposition, “ghosting” aberrants, and cracking down.

From Wikipedia: The Nazi Party used the Reichstag fire as a pretext to claim that Communists were plotting against the German government, which made the fire pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.

The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpusfreedom of expressionfreedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, and the secrecy of the post and telephone. These rights were not reinstated during the Nazi reign. The decree was used by the Nazis to ban publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause. Despite the fact that Marinus van der Lubbe claimed to have acted alone, Hitler, after having obtained emergency powers, announced that it was the start of a plot to destroy Germany… And Nazi Party newspapers then published this fabricated "news."

Yes, comparison is appropriate. And here’s something: until today, I didn’t realize, but those implicated in the Reichstag fire (i.e., whomever the Nazis deemed a threat) were, in 1933, six years before World War II began, held inside wait… wait for it… DACHAU.

A concentration camp.

This should SCARE you. And, no, I’m not trying to be provocative, I’m asking questions… Is that a crime? 

Well, the smearing of Trump supporters as “insurrectionists,” “white supremacists,” and “enemies” isn’t geared toward debate, and the Capitol riot (again, a pretext for othering), hints at thought-crime criminalization. 

Take Max Boot of The Washington Post, who, without irony, writes

President Biden needs to reinvigorate the FCC to slow the lies and sedition from Fox and other right-wing broadcasters… Or else the terrorism we saw on Jan. 6 may be only the beginning, rather than the end, of the plot against America.

Get that? Max, who gets paid by Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest man, wants government jackboots to silence “right-wing broadcasters”… How Nazi of him. Too bad he missed the Third Reich, wasn’t around, because he could have been Hitler’s Employee of the Month.

Meanwhile, Dave Atkins, a regional director for the Democrat Party, agrees:

Seriously, he writes, how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start—Fox? Facebook? We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan… Or the failures of Reconstruction in the Civil War South.

Aah, so Fox News (which, just so Boot knows, is now hated by conservatives) is committing crimes of sedition (a PLOT against America!) and 75 million terrorists (yes, MAGA = ISIS) must be “deprogramed.” 

This should SCARE you… These aren’t outliers. Boot IS The Washington Post; Atkins IS the Democrat Party. Their views are mainstream. And they are the views of men who, history tells us, can and may kill… They are the views of people who project evil onto others, seize the High Ground, then, “morality” established, “cleanse” the targets of their projection. 

Do I think these fools embrace murder? Do I rethink they’re capable of it?

Yes, I do… They’re evil.  Certainly, they would look the other way.

But remember, they’re totes—wagon-circlers and water-carriers. The Big Fish I haven’t mentioned, and it’s the Big Fish - Nazi throwback Chuck Schumer, the outrageously depraved Nancy Pelosi, and vile Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - who wag the dog… Each of these fascists repeatedly and maliciously dehumanizes the President, the President’s voters, and Republicans, generally, with Nazi language. AOC - who last week accused House Republicans of being “supremacists” around whom she feels threatened - has called for “Truth and Reconciliation” commissions.  

And she isn’t alone. House Democrat after House Democrat, and dozens of Senate Dems, following orders, label “Trump people” as racist, Trump people as violent, and Trump people, ALL of them, as subhuman enemies to be urgently “put down.”

Again, sound familiar? 

Once a group is dehumanized, eradication becomes viable—MORALLY justified. If the enemy is evil, one must act, DO SOMETHING, so to let Trump supporters carry on, “unpunished,” is, in their minds, evil, too. 

So what’s stopping them? What gives them pause? 

Well, put it this way: I’m grateful for gun-ownership.  Have never been more aware that prior to Kristallnacht in 1938 (a siege on Jewish neighborhoods which left 100 dead), the “vermin” had had their arms confiscated, their gun-rights stripped, and their businesses targeted by those who killed them. 

I’m also aware that, on the issue of gun-ownership, Democrats are indistinguishable from those killers. 

And those killers, I remind you, sent millions to camps.

So no, I don’t think the question is outrageous; and nor do I think it a bridge too far. 

~ Greg Halvorson

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